Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video: Lady Gaga Ziplines Into Central Park, Says Concert is a Dream Come True

We're sure her insurers weren't happy about this, but her fans certainly were: Lady Gaga ziplined her way onto the stage for her Good Morning America concert this morning. Her fans lined up for two days
for the free outdoor concert
in Central Park. Gaga said it's a dream come true to peform
at this concert because she grew up just a few blocks away.
She said she dreamed of filling up
the park with people to hear her sing.

Gaga also talked about being named the most powerful entertainer. She said the word "power" makes her uncomfortable, that she just wants to use her voice to inspire and to speak out against bullying. She asked the cooler kids to go sit by bullied kids in the school lunchroom. Take a look:

Gaga performed three songs. But first she sat down to chat with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous. Gaga said doing this concert was "a dream come true." Take a look:

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